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29 March 2011 @ 11:37 pm
Today sparked awesomeness beyond compare. I have officially turned in all the crappy homework and tests that I have had to do this week and can relax. For the last several months I have been on the no sleep calender, and I am finally able to go to bed early and sleep till 10 AM. I feel like I am a rockstar, or more importantly I have been the holy grail for college students. Now that I have this free time I want to be able to write some stories but I have no clue on what to do. Please help me...somone. On a lighter note I get to see Joel Mchale do stand up in Iowa. Can you say amazing roadtrip cause I can.
28 March 2011 @ 01:41 pm
I have been on lj for what seems to be a billion years and have yet to actually make an entry. That stops today, while I love being in communities and commenting on amazing works and people I have decided to come out of the shadows and have my normal sarcastic self shine for all the world to see. Wow this is a lot of writing for a kid who is to lazy to study for her exams. I am afraid that I will become obsessed with this and never come out of my room again, though there are worse things I could do I guess.



Isn't this an awesome picture?

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